Photo by Chikaboo Designs

Eliot Gelberg-Wilson is a filmmaker from London.

Having studied MAFilmmaking at London Film School, where he won a Creative Skillset Scholarship, he has Written and Directed several documentary and fiction shorts, which have been shown at festivals worldwide. His latest short film ‘Moshe and Amira,’ starring prestigious young British actors Jake Mann and Komal Amin, has screened at OSCAR- and BAFTA-qualifying BronzeLens Atlanta, UK Jewish Film Festival and Bolton International Film Festival among others.

He has also Produced short films including ‘The Lost Scot’ (2020), which picked up awards and nominations at British Independent Film Festival and OSCAR-qualifying In The Palace Film Festival, and Edited films including ‘Bound’ (2018), which screened at OSCAR-qualifying Flickers’ Rhode Island and Cork International Film Festival.

Eliot is mainly a Screenwriter and Director, but has experience Editing, Producing and doing Videography projects. He most recently shot live videos for Pumarosa (Fiction Records), Thomas Sanders (Moshi Moshi Records), AGAMA (State51 Conspiracy) and Zuu Music, a conference series for Arbours Association of Psychotherapists, and promos that have been promoted by the United Nations and Bertha Dochouse.

Eliot is interested in films about identity, society and hidden desires.