fml comics: on sharing

A profile of cartoonist Natasha Natarajan on her creative process and philosophy on sharing.


An ongoing project using archive footage inherited from my enigmatic grandfather.

St Matthew Passion BWV244, Part 2:  No. 47, Arie: Erbarme Dich, Mein Got (Alt)
J. S. Bach
Performed by Philippe Herreweghe & Andreas Scholl

elegy for my mother

A Film-Poem about global lockdown and the anniversary of my mother’s death.

Selected and promoted by Bertha DocHouse.

A Very Danish Brexit

A film I made about my close friend: a Brit living in Copenhagen who moves home in the wake of Brexit.


Natasha is a Londoner. Her mother lives in Delhi, where she looks after her own mother. Natasha tries to keep in contact with her mother, as three generations of women form new routines during global lockdown.

By Eliot Gelberg-Wilson and Natasha Natarajan

Runner-up in Bertha DocHouse creative response to self-isolation during COVID-19


This film is the result of a collaboration between Retrograd and myself, in which we wanted to explore the lives of people who have found a new home in London. At the film’s basis is a recorded conversation I had with Natasha, who moved here from Ukraine. Her process of describing a new life here ran in exact parallel to the description of an old life ‘at home,’ filtering London and the United Kingdom through a different set of cultural associations, as well as very personal circumstances. This absorbing and touching interpretation of life in my hometown acted as a basis for the visual element of the film.

A Retrograd Production

Can She Kill It?

A short 15 min documentary that looks at sexism in the stand up comedian circuit in the UK. Featuring Arielle Souma, Helen Bauer and Lynn Parker.

Director Eliot Gelberg-Wilson
Producer/Editor Andrew Montague
Producer/Sound Recordist Rochna Kumar
Director of Photography Anthony Hughes

A London Film School Production

Screened at:
14th Davis Feminist Film Festival, 2019