Eliza Kentridge – ‘Tasting Menu’

A short film promoting artist Eliza Kentridge and her exhibition ‘Tasting Menu.’

David Lloyd (V for Vendetta): The Cartoon Museum

An exhibition film installed for The Cartoon Museum’s 2021 exhibition about ‘V for Vendetta’.

Rumi’s Cave

A promo for social enterprise and community centre ‘Rumi’s Cave.’


A short film-poem about clean hands

By Eliot Gelberg-Wilson and Natasha Natarajan
Music by Vasuman Ravichandran

Selected for The UN’s Creative Content Hub as a response to COVID-19


A promo for Blackout Creative Arts’ theatrical production of ‘Figures’ by Steven Dykes.

Director Eliot Gelberg-Wilson
Cinematography Xenia Guenther
Gaffer ET Ng